Other Professional Services provided to our Clients

  1. Risk Management
  2. Organisations are constantly exposed to a variety of risks that can significantly impact on efficiency, productivity and profitability. These risks include: strategic, compliance, financial, operational, environmental, security, employee and OH & S. Our Consultants will provide a 3 stage “vulnerability briefing, assessment and action plan” to appropriately and effectively address these risks.

  3. HR Workplace Support
  4. The main HR workplace services provided:

    • Workplace Restructuring and “Cultural” change, Management Assistance
    • Employee Relations Private Conciliation and Arbitration
    • Dispute/Conflict/Grievance workplace Counselling and Mediation
    • Mentoring/Coaching and Team Building Facilitation
    • Marketing
  5. Training Services
  6. We have access to Nationally Recognised Training mainly in manufacturing and Logistics. Some of the options provided:

    • Certificate lll in Process Manufacturing
    • Certificate lll in Transport & Distribution (Warehousing / Storage)
    • Certificate lll in Business Administration
    • Certificate lll in Retail Operations
    • Certificate lV in Competitive Manufacturing
    • Certificate lV in Customer Contact
    • Certificate lV in Business (Frontline Management)

        NB Other training courses available.

  7. Marketing
  8. We assist companies in the development of strategies which provide sustainable competitive advantage. Tailored methodologies in market research and program implementation are used. Key services include:

    • Market scoping and sizing.
    • Segmentation Studies
    • New Product Development.
    • Customer Analysis and satisfaction studies.
    • Marketing Program implementation.
    • Employee Satisfaction studies and cultural mapping.