Our Candidates

We consider our candidates as the potential future assets of our clients. Therefore, we invest significant time in the selection process, before endorsing them for the next career move with the new Employer.

  1. Candidate Evaluation
    • Experience, skills and tasks. The essential first step in any recruiting process is to ensure that the experience, qualifications and skills match the position description to ensure the candidate can do the job.
    • Motivation and work attitude. Recognising that performance and productivity are as much influenced by who a person is as by the skills they possess.
    • Work environment and Cultural fit - Every company, and every job, presents a unique work environment and everyone has personal preferences about how and where they work.

    Our consultants are not just salespeople. They are first and foremost business people with a broad range of professional experience gained in a variety of industry sectors.

    While advertised selection is traditionally the most common method of sourcing permanent staff support, we also maintain a comprehensive and up to date Résumé database of only the quality, ‘qualified’ (i.e. interviewed, skills tested, reference checked, etc.) candidates for our clients’ benefit

    Recruiting means much more than simply filling roles. We truly care about our clients, and strive to assist them in building winning teams that will give them a competitive edge in the market.

    Our aim is to look beyond the recruitment solution and assist companies with the retention of their most valuable asset, their people.

  2. Recruitment Process
  3. The different stages of GJS Process Solutions comprehensive recruitment process are:

    1. Compiling a detailed brief to gain an understanding of the Employer / Company‘s culture, the position and candidate specifications. We assist and consult in clarifying performance measures for the position if required.
    2. Preparation of an assignment specification containing relevant information, indicating a clear understanding of our Clients’ requirements, timeframes and the cost.
    3. Writing and placement of advertisements in specific media with the advertisement copy to be approved by you (the employer) before display.
    4. Conducting comprehensive industry and candidates searches throughout Australia.
    5. Initial screening of all applicants for the position, followed by in-depth face-to-face interviews with the most suitable candidates.
    6. Confidential reports / reviews on the short-listed candidates are prepared and presented to the client.
    7. When required, psychological profile appraisals of short listed candidates can be organised.
    8. Thorough Reference checking on preferred candidates and summaries provided to the future employer.
    9. Organising suitable interview times for the preferred candidates to meet with the employer.
    10. Negotiating of offer with candidate/client and confirmation of start date of employment.
    11. Setting up or organising medical appointments as a final stage before start of employment.
    12. Establish review calls with the employer and the successful candidate during the first three months of employment, to assess and get feedback on the candidate’s performance.
  4. Code of ethics
    • To maintain strict confidentiality of all customers’ and candidates’ information
    • To ensure our customers are completely satisfied with GJS Process Solutions Services
    • To ensure equitable professional treatment and equal opportunity for all candidates and customers.
    • To build a mutually rewarding business relationship with our customers and candidates.